TENDER BUTTONS from Kitty Handley on Vimeo.

‘TENDER BUTTONS’ | 2021 | directed by Kitty Handley

Short Film // DSLR
Photography // 35mm 

A collaboration with indpendent director Kitty Handley where I took on the roll of assistant cinematographer and BTS photographer for her short release ‘Tender Buttons’.

‘Following a single day in the life of protagonists, Frances And Ros, as they wait around for the location of a free party near by, Tender Buttons is an intimate insight into the friendship of the two, the tenderness and the mishaps of it all, shown through a combination of poetic, scripted and improvised moments.

Using an all-female cast & crew, Tender Buttons is a piece of art dedicated to the complexities of being female as well as making space for female creatives to work in response to a lack of women within the industry.’